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  • in reply to: Can’t connect my IPAD PRO #25934

    Hi @zjsheep,
    Have you tried the suggestions above?
    Could you please try to reinstall the spacedesk iOS viewer app?
    Maybe you could also check your Ipad’s settings -> privacy -> Local Network -> then make sure to enable the local network for spacedesk

    in reply to: Slow performance using tablet #25931

    Hi @galvisefrain,
    We moved your reply from its previous thread to avoid confusion.

    Are you connected via Wifi or USB cable?
    if it is Wifi, Network traffic can reduce the performance significantly, ensure that your wireless network is stable and provides a strong and consistent signal.

    please note that Highest performance is already achieved by cabled networks => cabled connection (e.g. native Android USB, ethernet) so you might want to try using a USB cable.

    for further information, please refer to performance tuning chapter in the user manual:

    in reply to: Is pen pressure a thing using spacedesk? #25922

    Hi @glegg,
    If it is not working with Clip studio, you might want to try turning ON the Tablet/PC mode in the Clip studio settings.

    in reply to: apple devices instead of itunes for IOS usb support? #25921

    Hi @jerryss,
    Apple devices should still work with spacedesk iOS USB support.
    is your Apple devices running in the background? if not, please make sure to run it first, then try connecting using your iOS USB cable.

    Hi @thegamingguy,
    The effectiveness of using a tablet as a secondary monitor depends on factors like Wi-Fi stability, resolution, device specifications, and software compatibility.

    Drawbacks include the need for a stable Wi-Fi connection, affecting game performance.
    But for optimal gaming experience, wired connections like USB or Ethernet cables are recommended.

    Regarding anti-cheat systems, using a second monitor isn’t considered cheating unless displaying game information not normally accessible or uses suspicious software. there have been no reports from other users indicating that spacedesk has triggered violations in the anti-cheat systems of their games so far.

    in reply to: Dreaded Black Screen,connected but no worky. #25914

    Hi @devildog8488,
    Are you still using spacedesk v2.1.11?
    We have released a new spacedesk v2.1.13 on the web. could you please try it?
    Restarting your PC might also help.

    in reply to: HTML5 View Error on Windows/Ubuntu #25913

    Hi @nancy51,
    What error are you encountering with HTML5 viewer?
    Have you tried the suggestion above?

    in reply to: Spacedesk + Echoshow 15 = Perfect! #25898

    Hi @zerogravity994,

    spacedesk is free for private non-commercial use. Only free version does expire. Paid business license does not expire.

    Currently availability of business license is limited to Google Play Store for Android. Soon, iOS and Windows business version will follow in Apple Store and Microsoft Store. In the meantime iOS and Windows Viewers can be used for free even by business users.

    Upon expiry, screen will turn to black and white (no more colors). This only happens in the non-commercial version of the Viewer.

    Upon expiry a new version of the spacedesk Driver needs to be downloaded from the spacedesk website.

    in reply to: Tesla – Anyone get it to work? #25892

    Hi @timlastoria-com,
    Unfortunately, we cannot view the attached pic as it exceeds the allowed file size. Could you maybe compress it in a zip file and sent it to us again?

    To clear your browser’s cached files, images, and cookies, just follow the steps below:
    open tesla browser -> on the upper right corner, you will see the kebab menu (three dots) -> click it and go to settings -> navigate to ‘Privacy and security’ -> click Clear browsing data -> change the time range to ‘All time’ -> check the options (cached files, images, and cookies) -> click ‘Clear data’ -> after that restart your browser then try again with the html5 viewer

    in reply to: Apple Mobile Device Service/Process #25890

    Hi @s-h-e-i-k-h,
    I see, that could be the reason why your spacedesk Console is still displaying that error message.
    Are you unable to install iTunes from the MS Store? if not,
    Could you please try installing iTunes from the MS Store -> Run the iTunes app -> check your USB Cable iOS if it still displaying the message?

    Also, please make sure to update your spacedek Driver to v2.1.13

    in reply to: I can no longer connect wirelessly. #25883

    Hi @nag,
    We’re glad to hear that it is now working on your side!
    For your keyboard Issue, this is because of the keyboard update in earlier versions for security purposes. During network connection, you are now required to enable the encryption option spacedesk Console for keyboard inputs. You can use the encryption feature when you have an Android commercial or business license.

    If you still wish to use it for free, you must connect your Android device to your Windows 11 laptop using a USB cable, or if you still want to use the keyboard via Wi-Fi, you need to purchase the business license for the Android viewer.

    to summarize:
    Keyboard in USB connection = allowed
    Keyboard in Wi-Fi connection = not allowed without a business license.

    in reply to: Best Performance Android TV Box chipset #25881

    Hi @paulofloresjunior,
    we don’t have specific performance data for the chipsets you mentioned, overall performance of an Android TV Box is influenced by several factors, like the chipset, the amount of RAM, and most of all, the network connection. The chipsets you’ve listed are capable of handling 4K video playback smoothly, but in the end, the network speed will still determine the performance and speed.

    in reply to: I can no longer connect wirelessly. #25877

    Hi @nag,
    Could you maybe check your LAN/WIFI option which can be seen at the bottom of spacedesk viewer connection page?
    Could you you also make sure again if your primary machine and Android device is connected under the same Wifi network?

    please refer to the attached screenshot for assistance.

    You must be logged in to view attached files.
    in reply to: Tesla – Anyone get it to work? #25876

    Hi @timlastoria-com,
    Were you able to connect before the error happened?
    We just checked Tesla broswer with Html5 viewer and it seems to be working fine on our side..
    Could you try clearing your browser’s cached files, images, and cookies first in your browser before accessing the HTML5 Viewer and then try again.

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