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    Ive been reading other peoples experiencing the same Lag time with the USB connection that is supposed to be more stable and SMOOTHER than WIFI connection.

    Noone is replying from spacedesk support….I posed 3 times on 3 separate occasions Ive sent the logs to you all……
    Whats the deal, should I just buy the commercial version for better performance…maybe some better help.??

    Please help or at least say something..

    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @jsmasterson,

    is this related to the following posts?
    – SLOW PERFORMANCE 4second lag time (

    If it is, does the issue already happen with one Pritom L7 tablet connected by USB cable?

    As per your question about performance on commercial/licensed version,
    it isn’t any different to non-commercial/unlicensed version.


    Hi Nicole, sorry If I sounded like an asshole.
    it is with both L7 Pritoms, Its seriously is the weirdest thing,
    I have one 8 inch Tablet in the middle (L8) and 2 peripheral 7 inchers (L7’s)

    __________________| |_____________________
    | | | |
    | (L7) | (L8) | (L7) |
    | | | |
    |_________________| |____________________|

    With a 16g Ram Mini PC with x4 3.2 USB posts on the back

    Micro portable desktop so to speak.

    Middle screen works fabulously
    the 2 smaller ones…. 5 second lag time.
    SO frustrating…… the L7’s have 2g + 2G RAM expandable, with a high speed USBc interface.
    The middle 8 inch is actually less powerful than the outside 2.

    What did the Diog Log say…… whats the transpher speed. and where is being choked up???

    It works for 10 seconds perfectally then, crashes to a crawl, but doesn’t disconnect

    Please help because running the Hotspot on the mini PC kills the battery like in an hour.


    _____________| |______________
    | | | |
    | L7 | L8 | L7 |
    |___________ | |_____________|


    Jesus I was trying to draw a picture for a visual.
    looks like this paltform needs an update too.

    spacedesk Nicole

    Hi @jsmasterson,

    I assume that you’ve already checked that the USB cables are good, but I still want to ask,
    are the cables not broken? Does the usual functionalities e.g. file transfer work properly?

    Is USB Debugging disabled in Developer Options of the L7 Pritom tablets?

    Could you please check if the lag already happens with ONE USB cable connection of L7 Pritom tablet?
    If it does NOT happen, connect the second L7 Pritom tablet by USB cable.
    If it does happen,
    – open Task Manager. Are the CPU, GPU, and Memory usages too high?
    – please send us again the diagnostics. The previous diagnostics did not contain the spacedesk driver logs. If the folder exceeds 512KB, please upload it in Google Drive/One Drive/Dropbox/or any similar app and send us the download link.

    Looking forward to your feedback.


    I feel like everythimng used to work absoloutly flawlessly then you all made an update and everything went to hell in a hand basket.

    Iv factory reset my computer, all three tablets and have new chords @40mbps. LAG STILL CONTINNUING. all I ever hear is upload diagnostic. its too big and I don’t know how to set it up in two different zipped folders.

    Everything worked awesome in Febuary to like mid-may.

    can you send me a spike for the older version or something. or can I give you remote access to my computer please


    Hey there,
    So it was the tablets
    THey weren’t powerful enough or they didn’t have a high speed USBc input.
    very strange.
    New ones are perfect

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