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    I’ve not managed to nail exactly what’s causing the issue, but several times now when I’ve ended up using an Acer Tablet as a second screen and I’m using the 1.07 server.

    The latest issue was that the second display on the Acer Tablet is showing the last image and all input and output is frozen on the screen. Actually, it’s just the static desktop, but I can’t move the mouse pointer into the second screen and the touch input is not responsive. I ended the server program and the Acer tablet didn’t notice that the server had gone off-line.

    I could end the Android app and the second screen session normally. No error messages were shown.

    If and when this happens again, and it will happen again, just don’t know when, is there a way where I can catch a snapshot of the state of the server on the Windows machine and a snapshot of the state of the app to send to you for investigation.

    Is there a watchdog routine on the server and or Android app that would detect if either side malfunctions and if there is, to try capture diagnostic information?


    I purchased a new computer in August 2020, and until about a week ago I had no issue with the computer going idle after 15 minutes of being AFK; the monitors dimmed and turned off, my Razer keyboard and mouse turned off their RGB lighting, and all was well. Now, though, none of that happens anymore and I cannot figure out why.

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    Hi @myron,
    Please try our most recent spacedesk Driver v1.0.8 from our website
    Then let us know if the the same issue persist.

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @aoneter12,
    Does this issue started to happen right after you install spacedesk on your machine?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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