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    I have been an avid user of Spacedesk for maybe 10 years now for a flight sim, but today I wanted to connect another android tablet to join my 2 other tablets on the system. It appears that Spacedesk is not able to handle more than 2 items, as trying to connect the 3rd item just gets error message of ” something like the internet connection is not able to connect,or words to that effect” I am on a very fast Fibre connection and only 2 other computers on the wi-fi connection. ? is am I able to connect 3 android tablets to the free version or would I get better performance paying for the paid version ?

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    Hi @rodders1947,
    is the error about low bandwith? if not, could you please provide a screenshot?
    if it is, The low bandwidth notification will only be triggered if it fails to receive specific response packets/ping from the spacedesk viewer app (and vice versa), probably due to network congestion on either side.

    Additionally, Wi-Fi connections can be sensitive to various factors, such as distance or the number of connected devices, which can affect their performance.

    You might want to explore using Wi-Fi Direct to see if your connection with spacedesk improves. Please refer to the ‘Performance Tuning -> Use Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi Hotspot / Wi-Fi Access Point’ chapter in the user manual –


    Many thanks for that Info. Works fine now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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