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    Hey what up everyone,

    I had a small project Idea for portable mini desktop I built out of a MINI PC with 8g128g 2.0ghz Windows 11 pro with a quad-display of 8in tablets that are all USBC interfaced. This program driver is badass as it can support up to 16 different connections, Im going with a wired USB style with custom-tailored USBC chords so there’s not a spaghetti bowl on my desk, and I prefer the reliability of wired setup with no lag whatsoever.

    It seems to run good for a little while then gets glitchy with back and grey squares every now and then and Im trying to figure out what the De-bug download is that’s grey-out on the driver consol. Is there a better form or cable I should be using? a different program I should be using, or should I buy another graphics program?? Im new AF to the computer building game. It does have 2 HDMI outputs that I could split bt I just spent 70fucin dollars on these USBC cables….

    Id appreciate your feedback,


    Came out dope, especialy sence I can pack this thing up and fit in in a small pouch

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    Hi @jsmasterson,
    the black and grey squares are more of a windows/graphics adapter issue..
    this report from a user in microsoft has the same issue as you, maybe you could try the suggested fix from this link:

    the debug download button in the spacedesk console is for collecting diagnostic logs which is sent to us, this is when troubleshooting an issue did not solve the problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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