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    The use-case is as follows.
    1. I have my main PC1 computer with 3 monitors (3 x 27′)
    2. I have my second PC2 computer with 2 monitors (2 x 15,6′ touchscreens)

    On PC1 I have installed Spacedesk server.
    On PC2 I have installed Spacedesk client.

    I want to connect both PC2\s monitors to my main PC1 machinne in such a way that on PC1 I would be able to see 5 monitors.

    Right now I don’t see such a possibility as it seems that only one monitor from secondary PC (PC2) can be attached through Spacedesk.

    Maybe I am missing something ?

    So is my use-case possible with Spacedesk?


    Hi @p78,
    this setup won’t work with just one spacedesk Client.
    the only way to do this is to establish multiple spacedesk connections by opening 3 viewers in your client machine. Assuming that you will be using Extend mode, you can just distribute one viewers per monitors.


    Ahh okey. I didn’t assume you can launch two are more clients on that secondary machine.

    So now I can attach my 2 monitors from my secondary PC and I am seeing total of 5 monitors on my main PC which is exactly what I wanted.

    Now having that sorted I am still a bit confused as to how Spacedesk determins which monitor to associate with which client.

    What I am using that 5 setup is for Microsoft Flight Simulator. 3 monitors of PC1 makes my main view (more or less “through the windshield view”). And that attached 2 monitors are located underneath that main 3 and serves as “dashboard” (all gauges etc)

    And my first scenario was I put the window of firstly opened spacedesk client on PC2’s monitor #1.
    Then I put the widow of second opened spacedesk client on PC2’s monitor #2.

    Then I connected that first client (it was assigned as monitor Id4 to my PC1)
    Then I connected that second client (it was assigned as monitor Id5 to my PC1)
    And then I setup additional MSFS windows and put then in apropriate monitors.

    And then second scenario when I simply run two clients that I put on second monitor of PC2 and from there I started to connect to the server.
    And what happened it just connect thouse monitors in revers order and when I run Microsoft Flight Simulator the MSFS window previously displayed on monitor Id4 went to Id5 and vice versa with second monitor.

    So is any way of like connecting thouse clients in such a way that always they will be connected as I expected or it is needed to always pay extra attension when connecting clients and do it always in given order ?


    Hi @p78,
    spacedesk viewer should behave just like how windows behave when it comes to monitor.
    it should remember the last settings you had with those monitors.
    to make sure that you will have the same settings and not get confused when connecting the monitors one by one, we suggest that you disconnect all extra monitors from your main PC -> go to spacedesk console and click “Clear spacedesk settings” and “Clear windows display settings” (this will reset all display settings in the windows database) -> connect all monitors one by one while setting them on how they should be at the same time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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