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    I tryed spacedesk for My old Gen1 iPad mini. With older version spacedesk that conpatible with it.
    Local Area Network connection works, but USB Cable connection seems don’t work(no connection dialog will appear).
    With Newer iPad mini(Gen4, iOS14) and recent spacedesk(v1.0.69) it works. So I wonder I can make it works or spacedesk USB connection has no backwards-combatibility (or any other problem(like how cable works in ye olde iPad, any)).

    spacedesk version: iOS app v1.0.44
    iOS version: 9.3.5
    iPad mini model: MD531J/A (Gen1)

    PC spacedesk version: 2.1.15
    PC OS: Windows 11 Home

    anyway, thankful for provide such a great software.
    Surely also thank you for help.


    Hi @kotane,
    USB should still work as long as spacedesk is supported in your Ios device.
    if it’s not working, performing some basic troubleshooting may be necessary such as:
    -making sure your cable is from Apple
    -unplugging/plugging your cable
    – restarting your primary and secondary devices


    Yet, all solution not works for me, except use a cable from Apple.
    Since I don’t have a cable from Apple, this cannot be tried.
    Maybe that’s why, but the cable I’m using now works with other newer iOS devices…
    I’ll give it a try someday I get a cable from Apple. thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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