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    First Thanks You SO SO Much for this great tool. from reading the title dublicate the option is messing. but when I connect my other 2nd monitor it seems to work fine with it but with my phone the option is unavailable for some reason ? maybe it’s related to the refresh rate of my phone and pc being not the same. I made a custom resolution on the connected phone with the same resolution it didn’t work. repaired the driver and it didn’t work. Please help thanks

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    I also tried connecting via wifi didn’t work. via useb Thrilling option didn’t work. and even enabling the usb option in the driver and enabling USB debugging and it didn’t work. why can’t I duplicate the screen ?


    I tried different things. my phone is xiamo redmi note 8. maybe the duplicate screen is not supported by my phone. but then i used “Chrome Remote Desktop” and it seems fine, the issue with that extension the chrome one is that it has a small little input latency and only can be connected via wifi. that’s why I like spacedesk. Please help guys


    Hi @dex,

    By “2nd monitor” is it an HDMI monitor?
    Have you tried with Windows logo key + P to switch to duplicate?
    Could you please check if your current graphics adapter has WDDM version below than 2.0.
    Just run dxdiag.exe, click Display tab and check for WDDM version.

    For more info please refer to “Windows 11/10 Desktop Duplication (mirror) option not available” chapter in our user manual

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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