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    I have 2 laptop with same resolution and both aspect resolution is 16:9, can i merge 2 display laptop so its becomes 32:9 ultrawide screen?. If videowall can make this happen, what step that i can do?. Then does it work on integrated gpu? I use ryzen integrated gpu


    Hi @Astrograph,

    You can do this in videowall by manually editing the position and resolution of your two viewer machines.
    We suggest the workaround steps below.

    The initial setup will be something like this:
    -Screen #1 = Main monitor (1920 x 1080) <-assuming this is your main monitor's resolution. -Screen #2 = spacedesk viewer 1 (1920×1080). -Screen #3 = spacedesk viewer 2 (1920×1080). -Wall 1 = default (3840x1080) <- feel free to use your desired resolution. 1. connect your 2 spacedesk viewers to your main monitor. 2. Open spacedesk Driver Console and enable Videowall mode 3. Assign all clients connected to Video Wall. - You will see on Connections -> Active (2 connected), click viewer 1, then click the Videowall tab in the right panel
    – In Wall Index box, enter any value e.g. “1”, then it will create a Video Wall1 underneath CONTROL
    – Then right-click to viewer 1, then select “Assign to Wall 1”
    4. change the height of wall 1 to 1080 to match the height of your viewer 1
    5. click viewer 2 and assign it to wall 1
    6. set its X position to ‘1920’ to put it beside the viewer1.

    Question “does it work on integrated gpu? I use ryzen integrated gpu”
    Answer: As long as your GPU is up to date, there should be no issues.

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