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    My computer is connected to an audio interface, using an ASIO driver, and whenever I connect to the computer via SpaceDesk Viewer, I start to hear clicks, pops and glitches in the audio output of the USB interface.
    If I disconnect from the Viewer, the clicks stop immediately.
    Using the DPC Latency Checker, i see my latency go from 500uS to 1000uS. So, Is there any configuration? I can do in the Space Desk Driver that will resolve this?
    I think it could be several things, the refresh rate.
    For Sure, My Windows 11 is well optimized, even if I change the ASIO to 32, 64, 128, 256, the problem persists.
    I’ve already done several optimizations of drives, services, cpu park, cpu sleep, and nothing works.
    Any Ideias?


    Hi @fmgdias,
    Could you tell us your setup when the issue happens?
    what device are you using for secondary machine? (android/iOS/windows)?
    what connection type? (usb/wifi)?

    could you also please provide the exact steps on how to reproduce this issue? so that we can try your exact setup.
    We are trying to reproduce this on our side but we are unable to observe the same result.


    I use Windows 11, Intel 13500.
    Today I was able to eliminate the clicks, using the ReservedCpuSets.exe program, where I reserved the P Cores to my Apps, so Windows uses only the E Cores.
    I used the GoInterruptPolicy.exe, to prioritize my USB audio interface, and the USB controller.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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