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    Hello, I have noticed recently in using spacedesk that I get 30 seconds ads every few minutes and I don`t know if this is a feature or if i can pay to not see ads…

    For reference, I am using the desktop version to connect to an android tablet to extend my monitor, the ads I get are on that tablet.

    Any way to fix it? Is there a premium version I need to purchase to not see the ads?

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    spacedesk Marcel

    We are really wondering what makes you think that spacedesk is showing advertisement. spacedesk does not show any addvertisement and never did.
    Also you cannot make any purchase currently.
    We will soon release a business version. This paid business version will have the same features as the free version. None of them involves any advertisement.
    Can you give any further information what makes you think that you see advertisement in spacedesk?


    I Think my tablet had adware because I only used it for SpaceDesk, the malware seemed to only trigger while I was in an app and not trigger otherwise, I have flushed it out and restarted my device and so far so good! Sorry for complaining I never expected to get malware on this device cause I dont use it for anything else so it`s wired. I have also removed my 1 star complain on google store I hate to complain but your app is so damn good that I was upset when I had the issue. If anyone else expects the same issue just tell them to flush their device cause they have viruses.

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    Hi @xtreme64,

    Thank you for providing further information about this concern. We are glad that you found a solution to remove the ads/malware from your device. we appreciate the change in rating as well. Just a reminder to always download spacedesk from its official download links/pages found on our website.
    We will now close this topic. If you have any other concerns or encounter any spacedesk-related issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know by creating a new topic and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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