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    I am trying to setup a system where my main display is replicated to 4 other displays. This is needed for an event presentation where WiFi is not available. SpaceDesk works great for the replication – but I am in a bind on how to create a local wireless network – when there is no internet access. I was hoping to use the Mobile Hotspot functionality in Win10/11 and use that as a hub. But the mobile hotspot feature only works to share an existing WiFi connection – not to setup a new one. Any ideas on the best way to get this going? Will buying a cheap router solve the need? Any way to make it happen without buying new hardware?

    I will have a total of 5 devices – combination of Windows and Chromebooks.


    Have you tried using your phone to act as a WiFi hotspot?


    Hi @joseaugustin,

    User @nhan’s suggestion is a much easier approach. Assuming you do not have a router or switch available, you can use your smartphone to interconnect your machines as long as your smartphone supports Wifi Direct/Hotspot.
    To do this: Make sure you have a SIM card in your phone > enable your phone’s hotspot > using your other machines, go to the Wi-Fi settings to find the name of your phone then connect.

    Note: cabled connection still offers better performance than wireless network. in this case, you can use a switch and LAN cables to connect your machines.

正在查看 3 个帖子:1-2 (共 2 个帖子)
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