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    Hi, I just had to offer my feedback for this great application.

    Even though I’m all Windows 10, I use the Windows 7 client on my two Windows 10 side PCs on either end of my main workstation. It runs all day and in fact its funny, I can log into my grafana and see exactly when I take lunch by looking at the bandwith on my switchports.

    I thought, hey these are Windows 10, I see there is a Windows 10 native app. So I tried it, but after 10 or 15 minutes, the viewers go black (to sleep), and I wiggle the mouse and I have to unlock them. This does not happen with the Windows 7 app.

    Therefore I will continue to just use the Windows 7 viewer on Windows 10.

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    Hi @kjstech,

    Thank you very much for your feedback.
    Can you please try to enable the Settings -> Display -> “Keep display on” option on Windows 10 Viewer, and check if it helps?


    When the site is configured for Wake On LAN and clients are The computers that are awake become manager computer for the subnet.

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正在查看 3 个帖子:1-2 (共 2 个帖子)
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