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    There are some posts more than 2 years ago complaining that spacedesk Viewer won’t connect to the server running on the same computer (localhost). Despite OP’s various legitimate reason, the answers were always that spacedesk client won’t support connection to localhost and HTML5 viewer is the only way.

    Will this functionality never be implemented? My reason to use this functionality is to create a virtual monitor when my laptop lid is closed so that start menus and some apps can render properly in remote session (I use Google Chrome Remote Desktop). Although using HTML5 viewer is viable, it would be very cumbersome to automate the activation and hide the session at background. This app seems very promising to be used as a dummy virtual monitor driver, and it’s such a pity that it can’t just because this functionality lacks.

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    Hi @ew05yjs,
    Thank you very much for your feedback.
    We might consider the localhost connection on Windows viewer app in the future, but not anytime soon.
    We cannot prioritize it at the moment as we are very busy with higher priority tasks.

    For now, you can only use HTML5 viewer for localhost connection.

    By the way, if we understood your reasoning correctly, does our spacedesk driver worked in a remote session?
    Did you not encounter any display driver issue?


    supports multiple screen sharing sessions to as many devices as you want Cool, from a cyber security perspective. can I access it from another network.

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    Hi @morris202,
    spacedesk supports multiple viewer connection (up to 16 viewers) using our native viewer apps (Android/iOS/Windows). As long as your primary machine’s resources (GPU/CPU/Network) can handle it.
    As for connection over another network, unfortunately it’s not possible.
    spacedesk only supports connection over the same local area network.


    For those on windows(and with an Intel WiFi card) there is a hidden but an the vnc client on my workstation to connect to localhost:5902 to access it.

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正在查看 5 个帖子:1-4 (共 4 个帖子)
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