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    On the Website it says ”Update NVIDIA graphics driver to version 461.09 (release date: 2021.1.7) before using it with spacedesk!
    Older NVIDIA graphics drivers can crash Windows 10 PCs with BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).”

    Do I need to Downgrade my Driver to 2021.1.7 or can I stay at my newest from September 2023?


    Hi @march,

    You do not need to downgrade your driver to version 2021.1.7. It is recommended to always keep your graphics driver updated to the latest version. The warning about older NVIDIA graphics drivers causing BSOD specifically refers to versions older than 461.09 (release date: 2021.1.7). Since you have the newest driver from September 2023, you can continue using it without the need for a downgrade.

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