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    Hey, I got an old Windows tablet (convertible) and I installed Spacedesk to turn into a monitor for my main PC. My problem is that the touchscreen (both with finger and pen) doesn’t seem to work in Spacedesk, while the touchscreen outside of Spacedesk work as intended.

    To be exact, I placed the tablet’s display on the left of my main monitor and when tapping the tablet’s screen – even if the mouse is on the tablet’s monitor – the cursor goes to the bottom left of the main monitor.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


    Hi @joe,

    Which viewer are you using with your Windows tablet? Windows 7/Windows 10?
    The problem you are encountering is a known issue on some touchscreen-capable Windows clients, and we already have a fix for it. We will include the fix in one of the future releases of spacedesk Viewers and will notify you once it is ready for download.


    Hey Christian, thanks for the reply.

    I’m using the Windows 7 viewer, although I’m on Windows 10. The problem is I cannot access the MS Store to download the Windows 10 client. If there is a direct download link I could use, please let me know.


    Hi @joe
    Unfortunately, you can only acquire/install the spacedesk Windows 10 driver through the Microsoft store.


    Has this fix already been included in the viewer?
    I am using a windows 8.1 system with touch screen, but when using the viewer, the touch screen does not work.


    Hi @mstraatm,

    We assume that you are referring to the Windows 7 viewer. We haven’t included the fix yet in the recent updates as it is still undergoing testing. We will notify you once it is ready for download.


    thanks Christian
    If needed, I can help testing 🙂


    Hi @joe, @mstraatm,

    We have released a new spacedesk Windows 7 viewer v0.9.43 on our website.
    this includes the fix for non-working touch input in windows tablet/surface devices. Please try it and let us know if it fixes the issue.
    Looking forward to your feedback!


    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for this quick change.
    I have tested it and the touch screen is working.
    I will test a bit more in detail later today, but it is working now 🙂

正在查看 9 个帖子:1-8 (共 8 个帖子)
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