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    As said, I can’t make that obnoxious window vanish. We can hide the connection window, but not that apparently. How and/or when will I be able to remove the obnoxious thing from my taskbar? Do I need the commercial version, or if I buy the commercial version am I stuck with a pop up saying I have the commercial version?


    Hi @renamis,
    The non-commercial window pop-up is designed to remain visible in the taskbar unless you are using a viewer with a commercial license.
    Minimizing it is the only thing to do, this behavior is expected for users who uses free versions or non-commercial viewers, and the only way to remove this window is by switching to a commercial-type viewer.


    Do you plan on having as paid non-commercial license so we can get rid of the window when using the software on out personal pc? I don’t see a way to buy the commercial license and I am not sure how much it is.

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