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    hi. i connected 2 computers with ethernet cable (point to point) and i configured a new spearated network. when i try to transfer a file from the Pc A (where there is SpaceDesk Server) to Pc B (SpaceDesk Client), the transfer speed is about 106 MB/s (not Mb/s) but when i use Spacedesk, on the topbar of the window, i read 40 Mb/s and it creates lag.
    I connected Pc A and Pc B with ethernet to get the maximum network speed and to avoid lag using an High quality image streaming.
    How can i tell spaceDesk to use the real speed of the network to stream my desktop?


    Eheheh, what a mess, i understand you.
    I never try to do this, transfer a file or things like this, but with spacedesk its impossible to do many things when you are in wireless mode.
    Your only way for use this app is connect your smartphone in tethering mode , via cable not wireless!
    In this case everything is fine, without frame drop or stuttering,in other words becomes a monitor for working or gaming and this is really useful!
    This is not your case because tethering mode is a connection via smartphone, not between two PCs.
    In any case spacedesk is slow like other similar programs, but in tethering, nothing to say.

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    spacedesk Lea

    First thing we need to understand here:
    Usually the network is NOT the limiting factor:
    It is the router. Bypassing routers always improves performance.
    This does not only apply to USB Tethering, but also to direct ethernet cable connection and WiFi Direct connection.
    Configure Windows Primary PC or Secondary Viewer Device as WiFi Access Point (Hotspot) and connect to it before connecting spacedesk. Please check chapter “Performance Tuning” in the instruction manual:

正在查看 3 个帖子:1-2 (共 2 个帖子)
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