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    I can’t make an iPad as a second monitor when I connect my iPad through spacedesk to my windows 7 PC (on iPad Wi-Fi, on PC Ethernet) Display-OFF is shown on the tablet for a second or something like that, on the PC they say we found duet drivers and some other (drivers of programs that I did not install at all except duet) help me!

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    Hi @user8302847289472,
    Could you please open the spacedesk Driver Console window on your primary machine by clicking the spacedesk tray icon in the task bar’s notification area.
    In the Console window, please select Diagnostics -> Incompatible Products, then check on the right side panel which product is present (with check mark) then click the uninstall button and reboot your primary machine. Then try again with spacedesk.


    I have spacedesk DRIVER for PRIMARY Machine, is it Driver Console?

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    Hi @user8302847289472,

    My mistake, now I noticed that you have Windows 7 primary machine.
    The new spacedesk Driver Console window is only available in the latest spacedesk Windows 10 driver.

    spacedesk Windows 7 Primary Machine is not supported any more.
    Windows 7 life cycle has expired. Microsoft do not support Windows 7 any more – nor can we.
    The current spacedesk Driver for Windows 8.1 can still be installed on Windows 7.
    It works on many Windows 7 machines and configurations.
    On others it does not.
    These cases, we cannot support neither fix any more.

正在查看 4 个帖子:1-3 (共 3 个帖子)
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