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    Hi all,

    Sorry in advance for the topic, but where is the search button for this forum? I could not see one and I’m searching for anything related to “Error – Spacedesk keyboard/Mouse Driver unavailable!” without scrolling the 134 posts in here.

    Thanks in advance for any help,


    EDIT: Found it only in the Homepage of the Forum.I entered directly to the SpaceDesk Discussions…

    EDIT2: Search Button only works for 1 word! 2 or more words give a 404 server error… 🙁

    • 该话题由MJB 于 2年、 8月前 修正。原因:found partial answer
    • 该话题由MJB 于 2年、 8月前 修正。原因:Search limitations
    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @mjb,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    We will forward it to our web developer and get back to you as soon as we have news regarding this topic.

正在查看 2 个帖子:1-1 (共 1 个帖子)
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