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    We mirror a Windows 11 laptop wirelessly to 4 Android Fire TVs, via MonitorsAnywhere & the Spacedesk app on those TVs. The laptop mirrors a Google Slide presentation to those TVs in full screen Slideshow mode. The remote controls for those TVs are used to scroll through the slide presentations via the directional controls on the remotes. However, upon updating the Spacedesk driver today to v2.1.11, the remotes can no longer scroll through those slides. The slides can be advanced via the laptop, but the remotes no longer work in this manner. Just to be clear, this functionality was working today right up until initiating the v2.1.11 driver update…this was the only change made, & now this specific remote functionality is dead.

    Is there a reason why this would’ve happened? I’ve tried repairing the driver install, but the remotes still do not work. They were working on the previous Spacedesk driver version (2.0.8.x I believe, installed about a month ago). I can’t find a way to rollback the current version to that prior working version, nor can I find where to download any prior driver versions directly from Spacedesk.

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi @woodlawntech,
    It appears that this is the result of the keyboard update in version 2.1.11. During network connection, you are now required to enable the encryption option for keyboard inputs. You can use the encryption feature when you have an Android commercial or business license.

    If you still wish to use it for free, you must connect your Android device to your Windows 11 laptop using a USB cable.


    Hi Christian! I appreciate the reply. Connecting the TV remotes to the Windows 11 laptop isn’t an option, as there’s no cable output from the remotes…and even if there were, it defeats the point of having a remote anyway.

    I also wanted to clarify, as there was a typo in my original post: these are Amazon Fire TVs, not Android. So these are running FireOS, & using Amazon’s app store rather than the Google Play Store.

    Assuming the same conditions apply here? Would the Business License be obtained through Amazon’s app store? I can’t find per/license pricing.


    Hi @woodlawntech,
    Unfortunately, purchasing the business license through Amazon’s app store is not yet available.
    it is currently available on Android – Google Play Store only.


    So, let me make sure that I’m understanding this correctly:
    In updating the Windows 11 driver to v2.1.11, it breaks the connection for input from networked devices, such as the remote controls of the Amazon Fire TVs that we’re mirroring the Windows laptop to. The updated aspect of the driver that breaks that connection requires a business license on those peripherals to restore functionality…but that business license doesn’t exist for the Amazon peripherals that the driver update has rendered inert?

    Is there a way to access & rollback to an older Win11 driver version, until business license support for Amazon devices has been provided? Because otherwise, that means Spacedesk has effectively taken away functionality to devices without providing the option to purchase & restore that functionality.

    spacedesk Marcel

    Thank you very much for pointing out this issue.
    We were not aware of this specific situation.
    We intend to fix it in a different way:
    We will support arrow keys even in free non-commercial version of spacedesk.
    Thus TV remote control keys should work for all spacedesk licenses (no matter if business or non-commercial).
    We will soon release spacedesk DRIVER version 2.1.15 which will include the above named fix.
    Please let us know if this solves your problem.

正在查看 6 个帖子:1-5 (共 5 个帖子)
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