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    Let me thank you first for this awesome application. Brilliant.

    I can’t get remote control/input working. Attached please find the debug information as requested in another thread on the same topic.

    I am using spacedesk viewer on a laptop tablet running Windows 10. I also tried the HTML 5 Viewer as well as the Viewer on android. No input is processed by the remote machine.

    While in remote control mode the Viewer seems to capture keyboard input. ALT-TAB or the Windoes Key do not work while remote control is enabled on the viewer.

    What am I missing?

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    Hi @twhaas,
    Thanks for sending the diagnostic files.
    Based on the registry file, you have video wall enabled.
    Touch inputs currently does not work if video wall is enabled.
    Please disable it then touch should work.


    🙈 Thanks.
    The two different on/off switches always confused me – spacedesk driver and Video Wall Engine.

正在查看 3 个帖子:1-2 (共 2 个帖子)
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