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    Tried this software over 5 years ago with alright results. Using the new release from Aug 18th and it works great. Was fumbling around trying to get Splashtop to work with very limited results. So glad Spacedesk is still moving forward their software!

    I am using a rolling bag and attaching three Samsung 14.6 inch S8 Ultra Tablets to the extendable walking handle as external monitors connected to an LG Gram 17 inch laptop. Was struggling to get the S8 Tablets to work as external monitors and Spacedesk solved my problem!!

    Purchased the 3 S8 Ultra Tablets used off of Facebook Marketplace for $600 each. They are very bright, use little power and are thin/light.

    When I am done working, everything fits into the bag for easy transport and storage!

    Thank you, SpaceDesk!!!!

    – Roger


    Hi @hifromroger, could you please share more info about your setup? I think the rolling bag is just a regular rolling bag that’s under your laptop in the picture? What is an extendable walking handle and how do you connect the tablets to these? Some explanation, a few links to the products, and a few more pictures from behind so that I can see how these are connected would be much appreciated! I know I’m asking for a lot here. Thank you in advance!

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    • 该回复由nhan 于 11月前 修正。
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