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    Just discovered this amazing app and I am completely blown away by how incredibly well it works :O!

    I am able to use my iPhone as a second monitor, there’s touch enabled, it’s just like an external monitor where I can change all of its settings (resolution, orientation, text zoom, etc.), it runs well enough (not 60FPS there’s an option for 60FPS but it can lag a bit, but for my use case it’s good enough), it was super easy to set up, and best of all, it’s FREE!!

    I was watching The Game Awards 2021 last week and had the livestream on full screen on my laptop while chatting with some friends, and I quickly realized how awesome it would’ve been to have a smaller second monitor attached to my laptop to view the live event on full screen while effortlessly being able to chat with my friends on the smaller, second screen. This app made that ideal scenario come true, and I’m mind-boggled by how well it works 🙂

    My first reaction was to see if there was some way to donate to this incredible app, especially considering it’s free, but I have yet to find a way to donate…

    is this open source? is this being developed/maintained by a few passionate people? I can’t imagine this being part of a large corproate entity since it’s free and there doesn’t seem to be any pricing model I am aware of (I saw some licensing details, but couldn’t understand them).

    I’m overwhelmed by the positive experience I just had with Spacedesk, and I’m in the mood to donate right now, so if anyone knows on an option, that would be great 🙂

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