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    is there a way to stretch the screen on low resolutions to cover the entire screen? (I would like to do this to play games faster and more optimally.) i really want to cover the whole screen with the low resolution (800×600) I tried some methods but they dont worked,can someone help me?


    Hi @hngbr,

    In case of Desktop duplication (mirroring main screen):
    Your main screen resolution and spacedesk Viewer resolution need to have same aspect ratio (e.g. 4:3). Example for 4:3 aspect ratio: Main display screen 1920×1440 and viewer display screen 800×600. You can change resolution of spacedesk Viewer in spacedesk Viewer app menu. Still the game might cause black regions on each side or top and bottom if it does not support this specific resolution.

    In case of Desktop extension:
    You just need to select a resolution which is supported by the game. Change resolution of spacedesk Viewer in spacedesk Viewer app menu.

    Are you using Desktop duplication (mirror) mode or Desktop extension mode? In case of mirror/duplication Which resolution do you have on your main monitor? Which game are you playing? Which resolutions does this game support? Does this game adjust resolution automatically?


    Hey, im using a mobile phone as a monitor since my monitor broke and i wanted to still play my games, i have a MOTO G9 Play (Resolution : 1600×720) as a mobile phone and i play valorant and roblox, and im using mirror/duplication in this case im using mirror, and Roblox/Valorant support most of the resolutions so in only need the method.


    Hi @hngbr,

    Your Phone/Main monitor:
    Resolution: 1600×720, Aspect Ratio: 2.22: 1
    What you want:
    Resolution: 800×600, Aspect Ratio: 4:3

    You can’t stretch the game to fit your whole screen without getting those black bars because these two resolutions have different Aspect ratios.
    If you want the game to cover your entire screen on your main monitor, you’ll need to adjust the game’s resolution to match your phone/main display’s aspect ratio, which is 2.22:1. So, instead of 800×600, we suggest picking a lower resolution with a 22.2:1 aspect ratio to make it fit better (e.g 800×360)

    note: make sure to set spacedesk viewer resolution to your phone’s native resolution too.
    since you are only using mirroring mode, just go to spacedesk viewer settings > Resolution > uncheck the ‘Use custom resolution’

正在查看 4 个帖子:1-3 (共 3 个帖子)
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