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    Hey guys!

    I have a galaxy tablet S7 connected to Windows 11.
    I’m trying to get the side button on my tablet’s pen to be used as an eraser button one OneNote.

    This works fine on onenote for my android, but when I’m opening Onenote(office 365) for windows 11 via spacedesk for my tablet,the button doesn’t do anything.
    Does anyone know where I can change this configuration?

    The side button doesn’t even respond on the “Pen & Windows Ink” configuration for Windows 11.
    Does spacedesk manage the device or is it windows?

    Thanks everyone, awesome software!!

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    Hi @exrulez,
    Current spacedesk Windows Viewers does not support eraser input at the moment.
    also, “The side button doesn’t even respond on the “Pen & Windows Ink” configuration for Windows 11”. -it could be that your pen is not detected by Windows Pen & Windows Ink through an external device unless the pen is directly connected/paired to your Windows 11 machine..


    Hi Christian,

    Thank you so much for your kind answer!!
    Gotcha, so eraser input not supported! Is this in the plans of being implemented?

    The pen works fine in drawing, so it definitely is being recognized by windows through the tablet? I think… I just can’t use the side button at all that’s all 🙂

    It’s funny I bought an Asus ZenScreen Ink MB14AHD with a stylus just because I wanted this feature, and the pen buttons work fine but they come with its own set of caveats as well. The asus pen doesn’t work as nice as the pen on the galaxy tablet via spacedesk!
    I really like how responsive the pen is via Spacedesk, I don’t feel much lag in the writing.


正在查看 3 个帖子:1-2 (共 2 个帖子)
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