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    James Wong

    Anyone who can help me with this problem?

    I can remember I have not installed Splashtop on my laptop, just TeamViewer install. I thought when I installed and uninstalled this application will let Spacedesk works well, but it doesn’t work. When I connect to the primary machine, it always shows error code 2-5 on my cell phone. My laptop shows an incompatible Display HookDriver.

    I have uploaded my diagnose log, can you pls find which application caused this problem?


    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @james-wong,

    Thank you very much for sending the diagnostic logs.

    splashtop Windows 7 legacy WDDM driver (lci_proxykmd) is still installed on your Primary Machine.
    splashtop Wired XDisplay seems to leave garbage behind.
    splashtop Wired XDisplay seems to fail uninstalling their Windows 7 legacy WDDM driver on Windows 10.

    Funny: Why does splashtop WiredXDisplay even install such a broken Windows 7 legacy WDDM driver on Windows 10 in the first place? Their own product isn’t even using it…

    To remove this left behind splashtop Windows 7 legacy driver on Windows 10, just run Command Prompt as Administrator then type the command:
    sc delete lci_proxykmd press enter
    Then reboot your primary machine and try again with spacedesk.

    James Wong

    Hi friends,

    Now it works well, thanks for your patient reply. I like this program.

    I have no idea why this drive comes in my laptop, might be installed by another program.

    Is there a possiblity to add wired connection functions? This can compensate for the bad experience caused by network latency.

    Generally, this program is great!!!

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @james-wong,

    You can try USB Tethering / WiFi Direct / Android Debug Bridge Cable connection for performance improvement.
    For instruction, please check the Performance Tuning -> Network Bandwidth chapter in the user manual https://forum.spacedesk.netuser-manual/#item_507.

正在查看 4 个帖子:1-3 (共 3 个帖子)
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