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    I am using Windows 10 and so far I was able to duplicate my display to another monitor. My question is, is it possible to duplicate to two other displays so that all three monitors would show the same screen? In Windows settings I only see the option to duplicate screen 1 and 2 or 1 and 3.

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @brontoc,

    It is possible, just that Windows Display Control Panel/Settings user interface does not support it.
    This applies to spacedesk and all other displays.

    We suggest the workaround steps below to mirror your main monitor to all spacedesk displays.
    1. connect your 2 spacedesk viewers, so the setup will be something like this:
    — Screen #1 – main monitor (1920×1080)
    — Screen #2 – spacedesk viewer 2 (1920×1080)
    — Screen #3 – spacedesk viewer 2 (1920×1080)

    2. Open spacedesk Driver Console and enable Videowall mode
    3. Assign all clients connected to Video Wall.
    — You will see on Connections -> Active (2 connected), 2 spacedesk clients connected, click one of them, then click the Videowall tab in the right panel
    — In Wall Index box, enter any value e.g. “1”, then it will create a Video Wall1 underneath CONTROL
    — Then right-click the other spacedesk client below, then select “Assign to Wall1” and also change its dimension too
    4. Change dimension of Video Wall1, by clicking it underneath CONTROL, set the Size (Width:Height) to 1920 : 1080
    5. Open Windows Display Settings, and you will see an extended display (this is the videowall 1), switch it to Duplicate the main display.
    You can do it via Display switch (Windows logo + P hotkey) then select Duplicate.


    Yes, it is possible to duplicate your screen to two additional displays so that all three monitors show the same screen.

    To do this, you will need to use a display splitter or a graphics card that supports multiple displays. Once you have the necessary hardware, you can connect the displays to your computer and configure the display settings in Windows 10 to duplicate your screen to all three displays.

    In Windows 10, go to Settings > System > Display, and then click on the “Multiple displays” dropdown menu. From there, select “Duplicate these displays” to duplicate your screen to all connected displays.

    Need more informaiton must replay to me.

    Best regard,

    spacedesk Marcel

    The two above answers have some limitations (see 1+2 below).

    1. Lea’s answer is correct but it needs spacedesk Video Wall option enabled.
    Video Wall mode has slightly less performance than regular mode.

    2. DennisW87 is talking about hardware graphics adapters. I doubt that this is relevant here.
    spacedesk is all about adding USB or networked displays without any graphics adapter hardware.

    3. The ulimate answer: Windows actually does not support mirroring more than two displays.
    However, you can use the trick below:
    => Go to spacedesk server window and click “Clear All Display Settings” on menu
    => Connect up to 3 spacedesk viewer and make sure that all viewers are in extension mode
    => Press “Windows key + P” combination, then select “Duplicate”
    PS: This will only work if your primary machine is Windows 10 or 11 and has latest graphics adapter
    supporting WDDM 2.0-above driver model (you can check it by running dxdiag.exe).

正在查看 4 个帖子:1-3 (共 3 个帖子)
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