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    Hi, I have a problem with v2.1.03 my applications in second screen (my ipad) jump to my main screen (laptop) repeatedly and I have to move them to ipad screen again and again. is that spacedesk bug or there is a solution for this problem? the attachment is a video of powerpoint and rainmeter. did NOT have any problem on v2.1.02 of spacedesk.

    Note: I’ve uninstalled spacedesk and all of it’s driver and re-installed but problem did not solve.
    thanks and sorry if I didn’t follow the rules. I’m new here.

    Info: laptop: Huawei matebook D15 + windows 11 23h2 64bit
    iPad 6 + ios 17.2


    Hi @s-h-e-i-k-h,

    does this only happens with powerpoint? could you close this app and try other apps instead?


    Sure, tested 20 apps including, chrome, word, photoshop, illustrator, etabs, sap2000, winrar & … also rainmeter widgets jump to main screen!


    clean installed my windows and tried v2.1.05 all problems solved. I think after installing .Net v6 the problem began. now it’s ok.

正在查看 4 个帖子:1-3 (共 3 个帖子)
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