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I got this working by adding inbound rules for Spacedesk to Malwarebytes Firewall Control. For some reason it had only added outbound rules.

I tried doing this with the regular Windows Firewall, but for some reason, rules being added to regular Windows Firewall did not stay in the system, and were gone next time I checked, even if I wasn’t running the third party program. But adding the inbound rules in Malwarebytes worked.

Now I’m trying to increase performance of Spacedesk. USB tethering worked, but Mobile Hotspot doesn’t appear to work. The Hotspot IP shows up in Spacedesk console, and shows up if I do ipconfig in command prompt, but it cannot be detected from the Android tablet. (secondary device) It still won’t detect even after selecting “no filtering” on Malwarebytes Firewall, which appears to disable the Windows Firewall as well.

Any ideas of how I might go about getting Hotspot working?