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Hi @digitalmechanic,
Ah yes, with the latest spacedesk driver it’s a bit different now.
First, FYI the current spacedesk Driver now supports actual touchscreen input for the first viewer app only, and if you connect another viewer app it will fall back in using the old mouse touch input that you want to use.

This is the new workaround if you still want to use the mouse touch input instead of actual touch screen input.
– connect your viewer app first
– open the device manager then click “View” tab “Device by connection”
– go to spacedesk Virtual Bus and expand it
– initially you will find spacedesk Mouse and spacedesk virtual HID Device (HID Keyboard Device)
– try to send a touch input from your viewer app and you will find another spacedesk virtual HID Device with HID-compliant touch screen underneath
– Just right-click disable both spacedesk virtual HID Device and HID-compliant touch screen underneath it
Then you will notice on your next touch input it will now use the mouse touch input.