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    Hello everyone. I love Spacedesk, but it is causing me some problems. I use an old android phone as a secondary monitor, and I use the USB tethering option instead of wifi, because it is a lot more responsive. However, I noticed that this is affecting the internet connection on my PC (Windows 10). Whenever the phone is tethered, and the spacedesk app is running on it, pages on my PC’s browsers (both chrome and firefox) either take too long to open, or don’t open at all until I refresh. When I close the spacedesk app on the phone, the problem on the PC goes away immediately. Is there something I can do about this? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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    Hi @xayzer,
    This is probably a network adapter priority of your machine.

    Please check this topic, and try the suggested workaround that I posted there.


    Thank you very much, your solution has solved the issue! I set the metric on my Ethernet and WiFi connections to lower values than the tethering connection, and there are no longer any problems. I really appreciate your help!

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