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    I’ve used spacedesk many times, but since I’ve upgraded my GPU, it won’t work anymore with my OnePlus 5. The device can connect and be utilized as touch input, but the screen colors are completely wrong. Tried reinstalling both on pc and mobile, does work properly with other phones. Tried reinstalling drivers after DDU, same problem persist. Tried another similar app, problem is still there, is it an issue with my phone?
    First time here on the forum, don’t know what tags should I use

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    Hi @scampo,

    Do you have AMD graphics adapter?
    If yes, please disable the 10-bit pixel format in the AMD Radeon Software window.
    Just open the Radeon Software window, click the Settings icon on the top right side, then “Graphics” -> “Advanced” -> disable the “10-bit Pixel Format” then reboot your primary machine to apply the changes.

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