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    Good afternoon,

    If using SpaceDesk on say 1 iPad, it works as a touch screen without issue. When introducing multiple iPads, or other tablets, it will always register the touch input on the first device, as a touch input but on any others, it acts like a mouse click (steals mouse from main window and moves cursor).

    Again, if only 1 Spacedesk device is attached, it works perfect and just registers as touch, but as soon as more are added it drags to mouse over and acts like a mouse click.

    Is there anyway around this?



    I have noticed this same behavior and am also interested to know if there is a work-around for the situation described above.

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @skypilotyts and @dapperdan,

    Actually, this is the current feature in the spacedesk BETA version.
    Only one display supports touchscreen feature, the other display will fall back in using the single input mouse touch.

    Touch support for multiple viewer connection will probably be available in the Pro version which will be available by next year.

正在檢視 3 篇文章 - 1 至 2 (共計 2 篇)
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