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    I wanted to use my android stylus pen in Windows via using my touch tablet(vastking kingpad k10pro). So almost as if it were a graphics tablet. However, I had to find out that the pen input is the same as for the computer mouse. How can I change that the pen and my fingers are registered separately in Windows.
    You can see in my picture on the right pen and mouse overlap at the same time. In Windows, however, the use of the pen as a mouse is already deactivated. I think it isnt a problem from Windows or my pen but a problem of spacedesk and how the peninput data is transferred to windows.

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    spacedesk David

    Hi rxbin-_,

    could you please tell us the following:

    1. Your Windows OS version
    2. Your spacedesk Server version
    3. Your Android OS version
    4. Your spacedesk Client version
    5. The model name and company name of your Android stylus pen (best would be an URL to the product page)

    Please also check the following in your spacedesk Android App settings:
    Main Hamburger Menu > Input Devices > Pen > “Enable Stylus Screen Control” should be set!

    Are you connecting by automatic server discovery or are you using the manual IP input?


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