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    Greetings! The topic has probably already been covered, but I’ll ask anyway. Is it possible to project the screen of a secondary monitor connected to a computer to an Android device? If not, is there a possibility to implement the selection whether we want the projection of the primary or secondary screen of the computer on the Android device? Windows 11 does not offer 2 and 3 screen mirroring so if anyone has any ideas….


    Hi @DamDam,
    Can you further elaborate on your issue regarding duplicating/projecting Display? 
    1. Is there no option for ‘duplicate’ in your PC settings at all? or…
    2. do you want to just project your secondary machine to multiple screens?  

    If #1 is the case, can you please check if your primary graphics adapter is updated and has WDDM version 2.0-above?
    You can check the WDDM version by opening dxdiag.exe.
    -Search “dxdiag” on the search menu, or simply do Windows key + R, then type “dxdiag.”
    -Then click the Display tab.
    Check the “Driver Model” box underneath the “Drivers” box.

    You can also refer to the chapter “Windows 11/10 Desktop Duplication (mirror) option not available” in the user manual https://forum.spacedesk.netuser-manual/#item_482

    If #2, please refer to this topic, which covers duplication across multiple screens.
    Link: https://forum.spacedesk.netforums/topic/duplicate-to-two-other-displays-on-windows-10/

正在檢視 2 篇文章 - 1 至 1 (共計 1 篇)
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