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    I have identified a major problem with spacedesk_driver_Win_10_64_v1027_BETA where when installed kills and corrupts Hyper-V, Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Sub-system for Linux fail to start. Oracle VM comes up with an error that states the Virtual Machine Platform is not installed when it is.

    I can’t determine where the trigger of the problem lies apart from installing spacedesk_driver_Win_10_64_v1027_BETA.msi.

    I have had to uninstall the SpaceDesk Windows driver and software to fix the problem.

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    spacedesk Marcel

    This problem is fixed in Beta RC v1.0.29
    If your system is affected, please look at this post above “WSL2 not starting after spacedesk installation”. It shows how the situation can be fixed.


    I was lucky. I had a system restore point I could use to roll-back the system configuration.

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