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    This isn’t like the end-of-the-world-glitch but kinda annoying because it happens quite oftenly and it distracts your mind whenever happens.

    I am not sure what triggers this glitch but the screen goes like the attached image sometimes.
    When you click on the iPad screen or hover the mouse over the green part, it will go away.

    Anyone experiencing the same glitch/know how to solve this glitch?

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @shuspacedesk,

    Unfortunately, we cannot view the attached image.
    Please attach again with reduced file size.

    If your primary machine is Windows 10/11, please also send the diagnostic info for analysis.
    Just open the spacedesk Driver Console window, then go to Diagnostics and click the “Save All Information” button.

    PS: Saving all information will take a few seconds, then please send us the whole folder which contains all the diagnostic logs collected.
    Please right-click the folder -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder, then attach the *.zip file in your next reply.

    Thank you.

正在檢視 2 篇文章 - 1 至 1 (共計 1 篇)
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