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    Your software has been a great boost in my productivity and made my surface pro as a 2nd monitor so much more valuable. There are a couple of improvements I wanted to suggest to the Windows UWP viewer app:

    1. For the main screen, can you please increase the size of the UI elements or scale them based on how many connections are available? I have one server PC but there are two options to connect (ethernet or WiFi). I use a Surface Pro with touch screen and I frequently accidentally tap the wifi connection instead of ethernet because the button is so small. Only about 25% of the space in the GUI is being used and it would be a huge help to scale these elements so that the buttons are larger.

    2. Startup auto connect does not allow for interrupts. I would like to have spacedesk auto connect via ethernet, however, when I am not connected to ethernet, it takes forever to exit spacedesk viewer because it’s constantly trying to reconnect. I have to wait for things to timeout or force close the app to cancel this. Please allow me to cancel the auto connection.



    Hi @dougw03,

    Thank you very much for your input.
    There are just some things we would like to clarify.

    in #1. Do you mean that the display/icons of your primary machine are too small when displaying in the UWP app?
    for #2, “it takes forever to exit spacedesk viewer” does this happen whenever you try to click the disconnect button of the viewer?


    Hi Christian,

    Re #1 Indeed please see attached screenshot to give you some perspective. The connection boxes are simply too small for my fat fingers :D.
    Re #2: This is a bit of a unique situation and somewhat nuanced. I am using an ethernet crossover connection between my PC’s for spacedesk. I need to manually switch my thunderbolt dock depending on which PC I want to use as my primary. However, when I switch PC’s and am only using one PC then my crossover cable is essentially looped back into itself. This is the only way to make it easy to switch between PC’s with just one thunderbolt cable. This however causes my spacedesk viewer app to freeze up and I cannot click the disconnect button in the viewer. The only way to get around this is either I have to force close the app or wait a couple minutes for it to finally time out. Let me know if this is clear

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    Hi @dougw03,

    Thank you very much for the additional information.
    Re#2: We already have a potential fix for this. We will inform you once it becomes available for download.


    Hi @dougw03,
    We just released a new spacedesk UWP viewer in the MS Store, it includes a potential fix for #2. Please Update your UWP and let us know if this new version fixes the issue for you.


    Hi Christian, I tried the latest app and am able to interrupt the auto-connect now, thanks for fixing this! Please kindly consider my request for larger/scalable UI elements. Thank you

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