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    I have an ideapad 11th gen, it’s fairly new and a new tablet s9 ultra i’m using usb connection to expand my laptop screen in order to reduce latency as much as possible, but it’s lagging in some scenarios when there’s too much info on the screen, i want to know if there’s a better way of connecting those two devices in order to achieve the best possible experience


    Highest performance is already achieved by cabled networks => cabled connection (e.g. native Android USB, ethernet)

    For the lagging behavior, please make sure of the following:
    -check if your graphics adapter driver is up to date.
    -You’re using the latest spacedesk windows driver and android viewer version.

    Could you also observe the spacedeskService.exe’s CPU and Memory load(%) in the taskbar > Processes whenever the lagging occurs? what is the percentage during such scenarios?


    Hello Christian thanks for replying back,
    the graphic adapter is up to date but please note my laptop has a weak Graphics card (Iris xe integrated)
    and yes I’m using both latest spacedesk driver and latest android version.
    I checked when watching a full hd youtube video in Fullscreen the CPU usage was about 30% and the memory was 230 MB (give or take)
    Please Note that my tablet’s resolution is 2960 x 1848 i didn’t want to lower the resolution in order to fill the whole screen and not get a window surrounded by some black, the image quality is less than half, I’m using 60 fps also.

    Best Regards!

    spacedesk Marcel

    2960 x 1848 resolution and 60 fps might already reach the limits of encoding performance on such a smaller scale platform. Use custom resolution 1480×924 This can be selected on spacedesk Android resolution menu. This should avoid black stripes on either side of the screen and will definitely improve encoding performance.

正在檢視 4 篇文章 - 1 至 3 (共計 3 篇)
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