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    good day
    ive been trouble shooting connectivity problems with assistance from here.
    The one receiver display has the error code 2-5 after 1 sec and the other display has black screen and connected-display off error displayed. i enclose the diagnostics file. problem is i have found some delinquent fresco FL2000 files hidden in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\fl2000.inf_amd64_944eca1aa2225cc2 which need special permission to delete. i have interogated areas like device manager and the “ádd and delete program”field to uninstall it with no success. any assistance appreciated

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    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @Rusmorr,
    Thanks for sending your diagnostic logs.
    The spacedesk has detected an incompatible software (splashtop/Duet Display/Fresco Logic) installed on your machine.

    If you’re having difficulties removing the incompatible software (Fresco Logic), please try to run the Command Prompt as administrator then type the commands below then reboot your primary machine and try again with spacedesk.
    sc stop FLxHCIv
    sc delete FLxHCIv


    Good day
    Thanks for you advice.
    I have tried that but the stop command return msg received is [SC] OpenService FAILED 1060: the specified service does not exist as an installed device”.The same for the delete command. I’m assuming the FL2000.inf file in the repository is a remnant of a previous failed Uninstall of that software

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @Rusmorr,
    I see..
    If it’s not the Fresco Logic, maybe try to check with other incompatible drivers:
    – run command prompt as Administrator
    – type these commands:
    sc query lci_proxykmd
    sc query lci_proxywddm
    sc query ddkmd
    sc query ddmgr
    – if one of these command returns a Running or Stopped status
    – just type sc delete [service_name]
    Then reboot your primary machine.


    Thank you. The above has found the running driver via the SC query ddmgr command.
    I have deleted it and now the spacedesk works perfectly. I’m setting the clients up and will query any further issues our encounter. Thanks again for a great application.

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