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    HI! i have same problem too, “Conected – Display OFF” on my phone screen.
    and i’m done downloading your Dropbox link

    i hope you can help me to FIX the problem

    i attach my zip file below

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    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @pidul,

    Thank you for sending the logs.

    Could you please check in the Windows display settings if there’s a detached second display and just attach it by selecting Extend or DUplicate underneath Multiple displays dropdown menu.

    If there’s no detached display, do you maybe have Nvidia ShadowPlay/In-game overlay/screen recording enabled in your Nvidia Geforce Experience settings?
    If yes, please disable it (maybe reboot afterwards) and try again with spacedesk.

正在檢視 2 篇文章 - 1 至 1 (共計 1 篇)
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