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Hi @headcloser,

So those nok games giving an error, like they do not recognizing the display, the driver, or smartphone some thing similar to this

Are they giving the same errors?
Did you connect the spacedesk before launching the games?
Or game is already running before connecting the spacedesk?
Are you trying to move your 3D games on spacedesk display for remote viewing?

As for the slow performance and high cpu usage, there are some factors that can cause it:
– if you have a big resolution on your viewer screen (e.g. 1920×1080 – above) spacedesk image compression can consume too much CPU load
– if spacedesk is connected over the wireless network, then routers can cause lags and latency.
Bypassing them always improves performance. Configure Windows PC or Android device as WiFi Access Point (Hotspot) and connect to it before connecting spacedesk.
USB Tethering achieves the same result.
Please check the chapter “Performance Tuning” in the instruction manual: