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    Hi @spacedesk-christian,
    Spacedesk version 1067 worked without any problems as I remember until Monday (11/09/23), the next day I couldn’t connect. I noticed there was a new version and installed it, but it didn’t change anything.
    In the case of a USB connection, I followed all the steps in the manual.
    Today I managed to connect via USB with (USB Tethering) enabled.
    The connection via the cellular network was wireless (mobile data), with WIFI turned off.

    spacedesk Marcel

    Thank you very much for previously sending in all your logs. We can see that the initial connection was successful, but then immediately spacedesk driver software on Windows Primary Machine reports “Connection lost”. Currently, we cannot find any reason for the lost connection inside our software. Maybe your router or your Windows Firewall or your Antivirus got an update? Or can you think of anything else that has changed in your wireless network environment? Currently, we can only think of one further experiment to poke around in your wireless network environment on our side: Can you try to connect via HTML5 viewer from your Android device? (Link: )
    Note: Please make sure to clear your browser’s cached files, images and cookies first before accessing the HTML5 Viewer.
    Only if this is successful, we can further analyze in our Android software if there is still any hidden disconnect problem.


    Hi @spacedesk-marcel, @spacedesk-christian,
    Thank you for your willingness to help me solve my problem.
    I would exclude Windows Firewall and Antivirus, Spacedesk is added to the exceptions. I have the router from the network operator, and I cannot change any settings.
    I checked the HTML5 Viewer connection, and unfortunately it doesn’t work. But as in the case of Spacedesk Driver Console, HTML5 connects via the cellular network (mobile data).
    I don’t know what other changes may have occurred on my network, maybe the operator changed some settings.
    Thank you and best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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