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    Usecase, streaming window source(which is on virtual monitor) using OBS, so i can game on my main one.
    But now i need to always have a browser running HTML viewer of the virtual monitor, otherwise it disconnects.
    DRIVER 1067
    Win 11
    RTX 3070
    Primary(and only physical monitor) HPx34 (3440×1440,165hz), Virtual created one – 1024×768


    Hi @target200,

    You could try Enabling Videowall and set the Videowall Disconnect Delay to -1 (equivalent to infinite) in spacedesk Driver Console Window.
    With disconnect delay set to infinite, it will not unplug the virtual display in your primary machine even after disconnecting the viewer app in your secondary machine. It will only unplug upon spacedesk server switch (OFF-ON) or machine reboot.

    Then after setting up a fixed virtual display, you can manually move or put a specific software in the display, then it will stay there until the display unplugs.


    i have some write thiss you can see this.
    It seems like you are using OBS to stream a window source from a virtual monitor while gaming on your main physical monitor. However, you are facing issues with the virtual monitor disconnecting if you don’t keep a browser running an HTML viewer of the virtual monitor. Here are some suggestions to troubleshoot and improve your setup:

    Driver and Software Updates: Make sure that your graphics driver, OBS, and any related software are up-to-date. Newer versions may include bug fixes and improvements that could resolve the disconnecting issue.

    Virtual Monitor Software: Check if there are any updates or alternative virtual monitor software that might provide better stability and compatibility with Windows 11 and your specific GPU (RTX 3070).

    Virtual Monitor Resolution: Since the virtual monitor is set to 1024×768, it’s possible that OBS or the graphics driver is having trouble maintaining the connection due to the resolution mismatch. Try setting the virtual monitor to a higher resolution that is closer to your physical monitor’s resolution (3440×1440). You can do this in the Windows display settings.

    Test Different HTML Viewers: If the virtual monitor requires an HTML viewer to stay connected, try different HTML viewer options to see if some are more stable than others.

    Keep Browser Open in Background: Instead of running the HTML viewer directly, try keeping a browser window open in the background with the virtual monitor’s page loaded. Sometimes, keeping the browser running without the HTML viewer extension may also help maintain the connection.

    Check Power Settings: Verify that your computer’s power settings are not causing the virtual monitor or OBS to disconnect when the system goes to sleep or enters a low-power state. Adjust power settings to prevent such interruptions.

    Test with Different Virtual Monitor Resolutions: Experiment with different virtual monitor resolutions to see if there is a specific resolution that works more reliably with your setup.

    Contact Support: If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the support team for OBS or the virtual monitor software. They may have insights into the specific compatibility or configuration issues.

    Remember that virtual monitors can sometimes be finicky, and compatibility issues may arise with certain setups. Troubleshooting may involve trial and error to find the most stable configuration for your use case.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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