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    I use Spacedesk at home on two Windows 10 laptops through a 5 GHz Wifi. My router sometimes goes crazy and reboots itself. When this happens, the viewer doesn’t notice that the wifi connection has dropped and still thinks that the connection is alive. However there are no updates on the screen of course. Server notices the wifi has dropped and removes the secondary monitor.

    Viewer should notice the wifi has dropped and go into “Server disconnected – trying to reconnect” mode.

    System info:
    Viewer: Universal Windows app v0.0.23.0, Windows 10, 5 GHz Wifi
    Server: Driver Beta v 1.0.17, Windows 10, 5 GHz Wifi

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @dagni,
    Thanks for the info.
    This is actually a missing feature in our viewer apps (Windows/iOS).
    Currently, only the android viewer app can detect and handle network connection drop.
    We will soon implement this feature on those viewer apps too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 1 (of 1 total)
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