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    I would like to use my laptop as a 3rd monitor. I already have my primary computer (a laptop) set up to monitors 1 and 2 with HDMI to one and VGA to another. I have another laptop to use as a 3rd monitor. I have seen how to download the software and set it up….will this 3rd monitor setup mess up my setups with the other 2 monitors since monitor 3 will be the only one using your software?


    Hi GB18.
    I don’t know for sure, but I would expect your setup to work OK.

    I have a desktop with 2 monitors using the HDMI and VGA ports, and have successfully had my chromebook work as a 3rd monitor through wifi. The chromebook appears on the Windows > System > Display as monitor 3, and extends the display.

    I even had a tablet working as a 4th display at the same time!

    My only issue was that I found that the chromebook and tablet were a bit laggy.

    Attached is a screenshot showing (left to right) monitors 2 and 1 followed by the chromebook as monitor 3.


    oops – file attached this time 🙂

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    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @gb18,

    Connecting a spacedesk Viewer from your chromebook or tablet as third screen for your primary machine should work.

    As for the performance issue, there are ways to improve performance.
    Please check the Performance tuning chapter in the user manual.


    Thanks to all the great comments….very useful. I will give it a try. I image my disks frequently and will do that on all the machines in question so if things don’t go well, I can revert to where I was. Again, very helpful and comprehensive comments. All be well,

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