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    Thank you so much for the work, the apps it’s been very helpfull. For my experiences with spacedesk, i have some questions i’d like to know, and pardon me of my weird question because i am not a tech person.

    1. i am using my android tablet as my pc’s extended monitor, and mainly using USB Tethering for better performance. If i may ask, if i’m using a better usb cable (3.1 type c or thunderbolt), would it give a better transfer data and performance (fps, delay, etc)? my android has UFS 3.2 and my PC also has a type c 3.1 port too

    2. i’ve been looking at my ethernet network and its connection name is changing, from the first time i connect my android tab with USB Tethering, it says Network 1, but now its name is Network 18, it will always be updating as a new network. Can i reset this, or is there a feature or should it be a system thing to make it keeps the specific name?

    3. USB Tethering has speed cap in 425 MB, which is still ok, but i see that spacedesk is having a big update in 2022 Q4, especially there will be some kind of Pro version. Will it provide even better feature for better performance, low delay and latency etc?

    4. That might be related to our devices too, so i have device that support 3.1 usb type C, which can transfer data up to 10gbps, is it possible that using that as a type of transfer data, work like USB Tethering for a screen extending/mirroring feature? especially for devices that has not support MHL/DisplayPort, if not then,

    5. Can the USB Tethering speed increased based on the usb type’s and it’s maximal performance on transfering data of 10Gbps?

    Thank you!

    spacedesk Lea

    Hi @felipes1603,

    1/4/5. We are not actually sure if USB tethering speed will depend on what type of cable and port you are using.
    Based on our observation on our side, spacedesk performance (in USB tethering connection) is the same regardless of USB cable type and port.
    We also don’t know if the network speed can be increased, we always get 425 Mbps speed on our side.
    And even if we manage to increase the speed, spacedesk only supports 30-60 fps fixed in the settings.

    2. This seems to be a Windows behavior.
    There are some suggestions here that you might want to try:

    3. It’s not yet finalized, but the Viewer Pro version will probably include some performance improvement/feature e.g. hardware accelerated image encoding, native USB cable connection support.

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