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    I’m using my Android tablet (Tab S7+) as a second touchscreen monitor by USB via a 25ft active USB extender to a USB-C cable to connect the PC to the tablet. The issue happens when I start sending touch inputs to the host computer: it disconnects after ~15 seconds. If I don’t, the connection stays flawless. Please also note that my tablet starts charging when I connect the cable, which might “steal” the active USB extender’s power and causing it to cut off the connection. Needless to say, I would rather not root my device to disable charging just to test that theory.
    I’ve attached a diagram of my setup.
    All cables are USB 3.0 but they were the cheapest on Amazon (they were still relatively expensive).

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    Hi @krakerino,

    Have you tried connecting your tablet directly to your PC without the USB extender? is the issue still happening using that setup?
    there is a similar bug present in the old spacedesk viewer app. Please make sure that your app is updated to the latest version 0.91.10 in the playstore.

    BTW: charging your phone while using spacedesk via USB cable at the same time should not affect its connection.

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