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    Thanks Christian,
    1) same resolution on both: 2736*1824
    2) W7 viewer initially started rotating in wrong directions, but after a while i figured out that if I disconnect once it is in Portrait – and manually flip orientation on server using Windows Display settings, then it will stay in Portrait. So that is GREAT. Obviously not ideal but it works once you figure it out.
    3) Not sure what to do regarding the link you referred me to? The user with the issue in that thread stated that touch stared working after he removed W7 client and reinstalled W10 one from the Store. Obviously if I do that, I will lose the Portrait mode again.
    Also, the Take Control instructions to “simply use your Surface tablet’s mouse and click inside the active spacedesk viewer. A dialog box will appear, click ‘Take Control’” do not work here – or do not work on W7 viewer. I get “Press ALT+shift to exit remote control” instead. So Im assuming that Remote Control is already active? Either way, touch works outside the Viewer, does nothing inside the Viewer.

    Thanks for your help!


    Hi @afalout,

    We moved your reply from its original thread to focus on the touchscreen issue of your viewer.

    so touch is not working on both win7 and win10 viewer is that correct?
    Could you maybe you please send us the Diagnostic logs of this Issue?
    Just follow the steps below:
    – open spacedesk Driver Console -> Diagnostics
    – if Debug View is not available, please click the download button first
    – switch Diagnostic Collection ON (make sure to click Yes in the User Account Control box to proceed)
    – take control of the viewer and try to reproduce the issue. please use win7 viewer
    – switch Diagnostic Collection OFF
    – click Save All Information button (if a message box appears, just click No to proceed)
    PS: Saving all information will take a few seconds, then please send us the whole folder which contains all the diagnostic logs collected.
    Please right-click the folder -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder, then attach the *.zip file in your next reply.

    also, after following the steps, could you try again if the touch screen would work this time?


    As I mentioned in another post, I have had the Surface tablet working perfectly as a touchscreen to drive the TDS GTN 750Xi, then when I rebooted (or something else I did), it stopped working correctly. That is, the touchpad is indeed active (with either Win7 or Win10 version), but the touches are received in the wrong spot. I.e., I touch one button, and with some probability, some other button acts as if I pressed that. It all works fine with the mouse, just not touch.
    It strikes me that at some point, I was able to choose between absolute and relative coordinates for the touchscreen, and somehow, I can’t get that to come up in the settings anywhere, in either version. It is now set to absolute (as the status display in the driver shows me), and maybe that’s the problem, but I can’t figure out how to change that. Could you tell me where to go? I get to the client’s setup screen just fine, but there’s nothing there allowing me to choose between absolute and relative coordinates.
    Any guidance much appreciated… perhaps absolute/relative is the problem… it has the right characteristics, namely, mapping the screen differently. Thanks!



    >> so touch is not working on both win7 and win10 viewer is that correct?

    Correct. And it it not a coordinate problem, as long press on the desktop should always pop up rightclick menu regardless of the location I can see little circles around my finger so clearly Windows is receiving input.

    >> Could you maybe you please send us the Diagnostic logs of this Issue?


    >> also, after following the steps, could you try again if the touch screen would work this time?

    No it still does not work.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi @afalout,
    Thank you very much for sending your diagnostic logs. However, based on the logs, there are no traces recorded. Perhaps you were not able to reproduce the issue. Could you please try sending us your diagnostic logs again? Follow the same steps as above, but this time, try to make sure to provide touch input and reproduce the problem.


    Hi @goodmanmsu-edu, @afalout,

    We have released a new spacedesk Windows 7 viewer v0.9.43 on our website.
    this includes the fix for non-working touch input in Windows tablet/surface devices. Please try it and let us know if it fixes the issue in windows 7 viewer.
    Looking forward to your feedback!


    Ok, the Windows 7 viewer v0.9.43 worked. The touch function is working fine on my laptop. But is there a way to hide that X in the upper right hand corner of the screen? When I have Air manager running, it continuously flickers and it’s very annoying.


    Hi @flyingace63,

    The “X” button found on upper right corner of windows viewer when in full screen mode is currently intended for Windows (Surface) tablet that don’t have keyboard attached and no way to exit from full screen mode.
    We will improve this feature very soon.
    In case you want to disable it, we can only suggest 2 things:
    – only maximize the spacedesk viewer window instead of full screen mode, OR
    – if you are not using the touch feature, maybe you can disable it in viewer’s Functionality settings (temporarily), if you want to go to full screen mode.


    Sorry for delay in response. I swapped my two tablets so the Surface Pro tablet is now used in landscape mode to display the GTN650Xi and the Android tablet is now in portrait orientation displaying the GTN750Xi, and, … lo and behold!!!… touch input works perfectly now on both tablets. So I suspect that my problem with the Surface Pro tablet was that the mapping of the 750 window to the display, when it was in portrait orientation, somehow disagreed with the mapping of the touch input, as touch was active, but the responses to touches were not appropriate for the displayed buttons being touched.
    Anyway, I’m now a happy camper, and have a third (larger) Android touchscreen under the Christmas tree, for use with glass cockpit displays, and another monitor (fourth for my graphics card) on which I hope to display center consoles of airliners… underneath my main 3 displays.

    I appreciate very much your careful responses to my former difficulties!!!


    Hi @goodmanmsu-edu,

    We’re really glad that you found a way to make it work on your side.
    your concern may be possible, but rest assured we will closely monitor for any similar cases.
    aside from that, your setup with spacedesk also sounds very cool! Sharing a photo of your actual setup with us would be great. With your permission, we might even feature it on our social media accounts.

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